Friday, August 18, 2017

Minecraft Creature Invasion in Room 22

Room 22 walked into a mystery scene this morning. They were transported into a Minecraft blacksmith village where an incident occurred.

Here is what they had to investigate:

There were four mystery mutant creatures in the blacksmith village last night. The villagers didn't recognize the creatures, so they broke them apart. They later counted 100 total pieces from the four dismembered creatures.

The creatures left "footprints" on the ground. Because it was dark, the villagers are unsure of the exact dimensions of the creatures, but they are able to recall their heights. Two were 3 feet tall, one was 4 feet tall, and one was 6 feet tall. However, it was difficult to tell which creature was each height.

No one knows for sure who they were or why they were here, so our task is to recreate the creatures and classify them as either "hostile" or "friendly". If their volume is greater than Steve’s volume, they are considered to be “hostile”. If they are less they are “friendly".

It was a very crazy lesson but they did really well!

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