Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Record breaking time!

We have been learning about Statistics through the creating a Guinness World Record.
Today we looked some records and tried to have a go at breaking them. We got close to some of them!

Record for one: Jumping backwards from a standing position
Record holder: JAN HEMPEL
Our record holder: Alyzae 1.18 metres

Record for two: Longest paperclip chain in 30 seconds
Our record holder: Frankie and Phillip with 12 paperclips

Record for three: Most dice stacked on the back of the hand in 30 seconds
Record holder: SILVIO SABBA
12 dice
Our record holder: Elio 8 dice


Have a go at breaking a world record too!  

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Dancing with Megan

This week we had Megan, Solomon's mum, come and teach us some moves. 
We had a lot of fun.



Stars of Term 2 Week 4

Well done Alyzae, you are our star this week because you are always show that you love learning and try your very best.

Well done to Marley. He received an award for participating in the touch team.
They came second!

Buddy Class with Room 22

On Friday, we visited Room 22. They wanted to learn how to create an animation using google drawings. We had lots of fun teaching and learning together. 

Thanks Room 22 for checking out our blog.


Check out some of the slides we created together:

Friday, May 18, 2018

Animal characteristics

In room 25 we have been learning about vertebrates and invertebrates. We were learning to describe characteristics of animals. We had to use adjectives to describe an animals features.

Here some of the learning we have done.

Can you guess our animals?

Monday, May 14, 2018

Hiwi the Kiwi

Today we had a visit from Hiwi the Kiwi. We learned about how we can look after our ocean (moana), be safe around the ocean and take care of sea birds.

These are some of the things we learned:

  1. it is important to wear life jackets and WE MUST TEACH the men in our families to wear them.
  2. if you catch a big fish you should put it back to make sure they are able to breed (lay their eggs)
  3. if you catch a small fish (under 30cm) you should put it back
  4. when you catch a fish hold it with a wet towel
  5. as soon as you catch fish put it on salt ice (it last longer)
  6. scare the birds away so they don't get hooked
  7. if you see plastic in the water, pick it up so birds don't eat it

Well done to Cleo and Murat who also won some prizes.