Friday, December 8, 2017

Summer Learning Journey

Bored over the holidays with nothing to do?

Wanting to make sure that your Reading and Writing skills are not forgotten over the Summer Holidays?

Register for the Summer Learning Journey now!
It begins on December 18th!!!

The journey will take approximately four weeks. Each day you can choose from three different activities - two main tasks and a special bonus activity. You can choose to complete one, two or all three activities, and then write a blog post about them. Each activity is worth points, and at the end of the summer the three most active bloggers from each school will be rewarded with great prizes!

Monday, December 4, 2017

A close encounter

Week 7, Friday morning, we had an encounter with a 'Silkie' hen and a 'Australorp' chick.

Mrs Johns group have been learning about chicks and their life cycle and Tamalie and Abdullah wanted to share their learning with us. Their life cycle starts off as an egg and then becomes a chick. It takes 21 days for a chick to hatch. Once a chick has hatched, it grows into a hen or a rooster. The hens lay eggs and this begins the cycle over again.

It was great to have them visit us and share their learning.


For the rest of the term, Room 22 are reviewing our learning of our cybersmart skills. 
We discovered this new website (THANKS GERHARD). 

There are four interactive games, and they teach you about being a digital citizen and being safe online. 
We did Kind Kingdom. It teaches you about sharing kind thoughts and stop cyber bullies by blocking them or reporting them to an adult. 

You should give it a go! It is great fun :-)