Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Kauri Team Home Learning

Kia Ora Room 24.

Your awesome Kauri team teachers have created a home learning site for you to keep up your learning. Here is the link:


On this site there are a selection of learning activities that you can work on. We suggest you do your learning for 1 - 2 hours each day, Monday to Friday.

An example of a daily timetable:

Online learning Apps - MUST DOS: 40 minutes 

Writing - 30 mins (Remember good writers revisit their writing over many days)
Explorers of NZ and/or Ancient Egypt - 30 minutes
Rich Challenges - 20 minutes, these are long term projects to be done over several days. Remember quality over quantity.

Once you have finished:

  • Proofread your work
  • Show it to someone at home to check
  • Publish to your blog.
Class Blog - answer a ponder and comment on a peers blog post.

We are looking forward to seeing all your great work!

If you have any problems getting onto the online learning apps, please email me.

Remember to be kind and safe.

All the best over the next few weeks. Stay positive, stay healthy and be good to your family.

See you all soon

Monday, March 23, 2020

Explorer Ponder #5

Here are some examples of starters to help you!
Dear Diary,
Today the most amazing thing happened...


Dear Diary,
Today was the worst day of my life!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Exploring the 1850's

Yesterday Room 24 joined Room 23 and Room 25 on an adventure to the Howick Historical Village. We got to see what it was like in 1850. We experienced life in the classroom, games, how people lived and they communicated.

We really liked the Homestead Mansion and the School we went to. In the classroom girls got to go first, always. The girls had to look pretty and the boys had to look strong because they were looking for their wife at 12 years old!!!! That is just CRAZY!!


We had such a great day!