Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Maths, Maths, and more Maths

This week is Maths week. On Monday we learned about BODMAS. We learned about the order that we to solve problems that have more than one operation (x, ÷, + and -).

Once we learned about BODMAS we did a mathletics challenge. We worked in groups to solve tasks. To get answer checked we had to do a lap around the classroom (walking with purpose, not running!)

Kauri Netball

On Thursday, girls from Kauri team competed in the Eden/ Albert Netball competition. The girls played exceptionally well. They displayed excellent sportsmanship and really showed how much they have improved in their netball skills this year.

Well done Girls!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Cook Island Language Week

Kia Orana,

This week we have been learning about the Cook Islands. Jadarose's mum, Hamida, came in and taught us about the Cook Island Language and Customs. We also got to learn about how to dance, and learn some new words.


Meitaki Maata Hamida for taking the time to come and teach us something new.

Well done to Jadarose who also received our Merit Certificate this week. She proudly and confidently shared her Cook Island culture with Kauri class, teaching us how to dance. Meitaki maata Jadarose.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Film Festival

Kauri team were given an amazing opportunity to watch some Short Films. These films were from all corners of the world. 

Each film had a message for us. We really liked these films:

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Tae Kwon Do

We had our first session of Tae Kwon Do this term. We learned some discipline and had to sit still and reply 'YES SIR' when told to do something. We also learned about how to punch and kick. We can only use these moves in the Dojang.

Here are some snaps of our new learning:


Sunday, July 22, 2018

Welcome back for Term 3

Hope you are all well rested and ready to hit the ground running.

Some things to remember:

     1. Holiday Reading Logs
     2. Healthy lunch and water bottles
     3. Chromebooks (fully charged and ready to go)

See you all bright and early tomorrow morning :-D

Arataki Trip

We have been a lot about invertebrates this term. We went to Arataki to investigate where invertebrates live and learn about why they are important to our environment.

Here are some snaps of our day:

We had such a great day out of school.
Thank you to the parents that were able to come and help us out.