Friday, August 4, 2017

Editors Reading Group Learning

This week the Editors group have been learning about the effect of plastic bags. 

(Ayaan - Room 21)

We learned that:

Plastic bags are a problem because they break down into small pieces. The small pieces pollute soil and water. It gets into the food chain and poisons birds, fish and animals.

Plastic bags are not fantastic because:

  • 100,000 marine animals die every year - Farman
  • they take 100 years to break down - Farman
  • they are difficult to recycle into other products - Ayaan
  • the petroleum used to make 1 plastic bag is enough to drive a car 115 metres.

We should banned plastic bags because:
  • people use them and then throw them in the bin. They are hard to break down and it is hurting our environment. They should keep it and use it more. (Ayaan)
  • they get into the food chain and poison animals, and they are hard to recycle. (Farman)

We think that people should use cloth bags or use their plastic bags more than once. This will reduce the number of bags that end up hurting our environment.

How do you use your plastic bags?

Do you think you should use reusable bags and stop hurting our environment?

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    I really like the way you presented this, I also like the how you said what you learnt and that there is tons of information
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