Thursday, September 7, 2017

Kauri Team Speeches 2017

Today Kauri team had a speech competition. But we had a class competition first. The winners from the class competition made it to the whole Kauri competition. These are the winners from our class that made it to the WHOLE Kauri team competition.

Well done Solomon, Isaac and Owais. 

Solomon did a speech about 'Why we should have longer break times.'
Isaac did a speech about 'Dr Who'.
Owais did a speech about 'Esports'.

After the class competition, we had the WHOLE Kauri competition after morning tea. There were 20 people that made it to the finals. It was tough for the winners but they got there in the end. These are the winners from the whole Kauri competition:

Congratulations Ketula, Owais, Aaron, Licha and Rawiri 😀

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